Yandex.Connect was developed on Yandex.Mail for Domains platform.
We took the best management tools from the old product and added something new to make the administrator’s job easier.
Organization Structure
You can group accounts in departments so that your address book will reflect the structure of the company. Each unit will have its own address so that you can send an email or a chat message to an entire department. You can also give an entire department access to files on Disk or a page on the Wiki.
You can create a group email alias for employees from different departments that work on the same project. Any employee can create this group address without the assistance of an administrator. You can include as many individual names or teams as needed.
Less Routine
Once you add a new hire to a department, the address will automatically appear on all mailing lists, chat groups and lists of people with access to certain cloud files. In addition, when employees leave the company their accesses will be revoked.
Email Settings
Yandex.Mail can work on web interface or any other client that uses IMAP and POP3 protocols. You can create a standard signature for your emails and even collect messages that are sent by mistake to an address that is not on the company domain in a separate folder.
Domain Management
The management of the organization’s domains can be delegated to Yandex DNS servers. This does not affect the operation of the company website as website hosting and DNS hosting services are not connected. Once delegated, DNS records can be managed via admin interface or API.
Domain Options
When you sign up for Yandex.Connect, you don’t need to immediately connect your domain. You can get a technical domain and add the company domain later.
Yandex.Mail automatically filters spam and alerts the user if the incoming message does not have a digital signature or is not recognized. All data transfers on Yandex.Connect are secure and are conducted via HTTPS protocol.