Cloud storage for work documents.
With every email account on Yandex.Connect users get additional cloud storage for free. Yandex.Disk is a reliable tool to store your presentations, reports, illustrations and layouts.
Shared folders
You can share your folders and files on Yandex.Disk with a single person or a group of employees. New hires will automatically receive access to the files in cloud that were previously shared with their team. After a person leaves the company, access to files will be automatically disabled.
Even if your computer crashes files on your Yandex.Disk won’t be affected. All files in your cloud are scanned for viruses. Data transfers between Yandex servers and the computer are done via a secure, reliable connection that can’t be intercepted.
Sync with computer
When used as a desktop client, your computer will recognize Yandex.Disk as a folder and will sync your files to the cloud as needed. When you want to upload a new file, simply drag and drop it to the folder and Disk will ensure your files are stored.
Yandex.Disk desktop client provides you with a feature that enables you to take screenshots, write on them, highlight text or mark important parts of the image before you share them. The image is immediately uploaded to the cloud and you’ll get a short link that you can share with your coworkers.
Mobile app
Yandex.Disk app can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet. You can receive notifications on changes made to your files on Disk and also upload photos of graphs, charts, or plans taken during a meeting.