What kind of limitations does the free version of Yandex.Connect have?
Yandex.Connect has two free options — the Basic version and the Educational version. The features and limitations of these versions can be found on the pricelist page. There is also a comparison table for your convenience.
Do I need my own domain to use Yandex.Connect?
No. When you sign up for Yandex.Connect, all administrators receive a technical domain which can be changed to your own later. If you don’t want to use your own domain you don’t have to: all functions of Connect can be used with the technical domain.
Can I register a new domain through Yandex?
No, you can’t.
Are there any advertisements?
Only in the Yandex.Connect Free versions (Basic and Educational). There are no ads in the Premium and Enterprise options.
If Yandex.Mail and Yandex.Disk are available, why do I need Yandex.Connect?
Yandex.Connect is not comprised only of Mail and Disk. It also includes Yamb, a corporate messenger service, and Wiki. Soon, the Tracker and many other features will be available on your custom domain. When you sign up for Yandex.Connect, you will have a common address book that all employees can access. It will allow you to send a private or group chat message or email without typing the full information. Also, it is much easier for an administrator to manage user accounts, mailing lists and access rights on Yandex.Connect.
Is there a limit on the number of users?
The limitation varies depending on the service package selected. More information can be found in the Pricelist.
I run an organization with many employees. Can I automate user creation in Yandex.Connect?
An API will be available for Yandex.Connect in the near future
How can I transfer a domain from another system to Yandex.Connect?
Automatic data transfers are currently available only for domains that using Yandex Mail for Domains. Migration from other platforms will be available in the near future.
Can I use domain aliases with Yandex.Connect?
Yes you can. A message sent to the alias address will appear in the inbox of the email address using the main domain.
Can organizations using Yandex.Connect have multiple administrators?
Yes, they can.
Does Yandex.Connect offer data back up?
Data back up is currently not included in the packages. This feature will be available for the Premium and Enterprise packages in the future.
What are the applicable laws and regulations?
The service agreement between the user and Yandex are regulated by Russian laws and regulations.
Does Yandex.Connect support two-step authentication? How can an administrator enable this for all users?
We do support two-step authentication. For now an administrator can’t enable it for the whole organisation. Users has to enable it themselves on their account settings on Yandex.Passport.
Is data encrypted in Yandex.Connect?
Only during a transfer — for example when syncing files to Disk, sending emails or messages on Yamb. All connections within Yandex.Connect are secure and additional methods of encryption are not applied.