When you need a quick answer to a question, Chats is just the right tool. It is Yandex.Connect’s free corporate messenger for simple, easy and safe communication. No need to add new hires manually since personal address books are integrated with the company directory.
Everything is Integrated
Chats utilizes the company directory and is integrated with the user’s address book so you don’t have to remember any contact information. Everything is ready. Just start typing the name of the person you want to send a message to and Chats will fill in the rest.
Personal and Group Chats
You can send an instant message to a colleague individually or create a group chat to include multiple people from different departments.
Smart Search
When you need to go back to a chat, Chats’s smart search feature allows you to to look up not only by coworker’s name or a title but also by the name of the file that you sent, part of the conversation or a keyword. You don’t need to remember when and whom you discussed something with. It is not necessary to manually search every chat, Chats does the searching for you.
File transfer
You can send not only messages but also files on Chats. It can be a layout that you’re discussing in a meeting, a presentation you’re referring to or just a picture.
All the data in Yandex.Chats is transmitted via a secure connection which prevents interceptions. Yandex.Connect will scan all incoming and outgoing files using integrated anti-virus software.
Mobile Apps
Yandex.Chats is available on your iOS or  Android smartphone. This way you can be connected at all times.