Keep your work organized by describing tasks, relevant information about projects, references, sketches, and plans. No need for email attachments. You can share the link to files and customize access to ensure security and maintain version control.
Working together is more efficient when a team has a common point of reference. You can make live changes to files on Wiki and Yandex.Connect will send notifications to the originator that the file has been modified. You can also keep older versions of files.
The Wiki acts as a company intranet and stores answers to frequently asked questions, application forms and any other information that may be useful to employees. New hires will be able to navigate through this handy tool to familiarize themselves with the company.
Personal Notes
Got an idea? Write it down on Wiki so that you don’t lose it! You can even share it with someone. Just share the link to the Wiki page.
Additional Tools
Save space and time with Yandex.Wiki. It allows you to view files on a page on the browser without downloading them to your computer.